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CARES (confidential peer listening service for anyone who has been affected by personal violation):

To get in touch with a CARES counselor, call the CRC at (845) 437-5221 or (845) 437-7333 and ask to speak to the CARES counselor on call. A trained counselor will always call you back within ten minutes.  CARES can also be reached by email at

SART (trained faculty and administrators that can provide support, advocacy, and information for victims of sexual assault, relationship abuse, and stalking):

To get in touch with a SART advocate, call the CRC at (845) 437-5221 or (845) 437-7333 and ask to speak to the SART advocate on call.  For more information, please visit

SAVP Coordinator Elizabeth Schrock is the coordinator of the SAVP program at Vassar, and can be reached in her office at 437-7863 or by email at If she is unavailable, she also coordinates the SART team, which is on call 24-hours a day.

Counseling Services (free, confidential individual and group counseling, referrals to off-campus therapists):

To make an appointment with Counseling Services, call (845) 437-5700 during business hours on weekdays (on nights and weekends, a counselor can be reached by calling the CRC, (845) 437-7333 or ext. 7333, and asking to speak with the “Metcalf counselor on-call”).  You can also stop by Metcalf house.

Safety and Security (for reporting incidents, receiving no contact orders, and developing/implementing safety plans):

To contact Security, call the CRC at (845) 437-5221 (non-emergency) or (845) 437-7333 (emergency).

Baldwin Health Services (including the Women’s Health Center):

To make an appointment at Baldwin, call (845)-437-5800.  For issues specific to women’s sexual health, call (845) 437-5818.

Title IX Coordinator (for administrative support, reporting options, and information on colleges regulations and processes):

Call (845) 437-7924.

JYA?  There are still resources available to you.

CARES can be reached by email at

SART can be reached by email at

Vassar’s Office of International Programs can be reached by email at

Hot Peach Pages (database of local domestic violence and sexual assault agencies in many countries around the world):

State Department Services (information and help with finding resources abroad that are accessible for Americans):


Rape Crisis: (845)-452-7272

Battered Women’s Services: (845) 485-5550

Grace Smith House: (845)-471-3033

The Anti-Violence Project: (212)-714-1141 The Anti-Violence Project is based out of New York City and focuses on providing resources to LGBTQ and HIV-affected communities.

Online resources:

RAINN (The Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network):

Love Is Respect (Dating and relationship abuse):

1 in 6 (Male-identified survivors):

Stalking Awareness (Information and Resources about Stalking):